We handle traffic and speeding tickets at the Lake of the Ozarks. We handle traffic and speeding tickets in Camdenton, Linn Creek, Osage Beach, Lake Ozark, Four Seasons, Eldon, Sunrise Beach, Laurie, Versailles, Lebanon and Waynesville and all other cities and Counties surrounding the lake of the Ozarks.

We streamline the process of dealing with traffic tickets. We know that traffic law matters can range from simply annoying to a serious charge that can be associated with an expensive fine or even jail time.  We do everything we can to streamline this process for you. 

The process is simple:  You email, text or bring us your ticket and payment and we immediately go to work for you.  Before your court date, we communicate with the prosecutor or state's attorney and attempt to resolve your case. Most cases result in a plea bargain that increases the fine in exchange for a plea to a non-moving violation or a non-point moving violation. We then write or email you with the results of your case. You will then be required to pay the fines and the court costs. Case Closed. In those cases where a plea bargain is not available, our attorneys have the education, knowledge and experience to offer our clients a strong and vigorous defense.

What is "Traffic Law?" Traffic law deals with traffic ordinances, statutes and regulations relating to drivers and motor vehicles.

How are traffic laws enforced? Police, Prosecutors, and Judges. 

The Police. When a police officer writes a traffic ticket he must have reasonable cause to believe that a person has violated a traffic ordinance, statue or regulation.  The police officer then sends the ticket to the local prosecuting attorney.  The prosecuting attorney then reviews the ticket and determines what charges to file. 

The Prosecutor or State's attorney. The traffic ticket ends end up in the office of the Prosecuting Attorney whose job it is to decide whether and how the charge will be prosecuted. As a general rule, the more serious the charge, the tougher the Prosecutor will be on the driver. Also, the Prosecuting Attorney is usually mindful of the attitudes and beliefs of the Judge who will ultimately hear the case, whether it is to be a plea or trial.

The Judge. In the end, the Judge determines guilt or innocence, jail time or probation, and the amount of fines and costs. A judge will only accept a plea bargain (an agreement between the prosecution and defense attorney) if it protects the interests of the public, saves prosecutorial resources, and modifies the behavior of the transgressor through education or punishment.

The traffic court experience (without attorney representation). You have the right to represent yourself in traffic court. Most traffic courts use the first court date to hear your plea of "guilty" or "not guilty." If you plead guilty, you will be fined and the conviction will report to the Driver's License Bureau. If you plead "not guilty", you will be required to return a second time for trial. It is not uncommon for a prosecutor to ask for a continuance on trial night due to witness unavailability. Emergency situations arise to which the police must respond, and thus a court will usually grant a Prosecutor’s a request for a continuance, at least once. A third court date will then be set. At trial, the prosecutor will present evidence and you will have the opportunity to cross-examine the witness(es)against you. If there is a finding of guilt, you will be convicted, fined, and reported to the driver’s license bureau. If you are found "not guilty", you will be free to go and will suffer no conviction, fine or court costs. Each of these court dates will take between 1 and 4 hours of your time.

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